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Geo Challenge Results!

WHO, I ask, does not love geography?

Our students certainly do (and our students are, of course, The Students of the World):


Or, in this competition, the students of 15 local high schools who competed in Oxnard College’s Geo Bowl, organized by Prof. Chris Mainzer.

Please see the Star Free Press article for great pictures and more details.  I’m going to spoil it a little.  Here are the winners:

The final results:
1ST PLACE:  Jake Perl                                      Newbury Park High received $400.00 cash certificate*
2ND PLACE:  Alexander Paul                            Camarillo High received $300.00 cash certificate
3RD PLACE:  Brendon Miles                             St. Bonaventure High received $200.00 cash certificate
4TH PLACE:  Scott Anderson                           Rio Mesa High received $100.00 cash certificate 
*Cash certificates were donated by “” for purchase of geography supplies for each winning high school
GO RIO MESA!  I mean, isn’t it great that Ventura High – one of our county’s oldest high schools placed third?  And is it really any surprise that Saint Bonny (as we affectionately call it) and Newbury Park High were neck-in-neck?  (Well, yes, it is something of a surprise and that’s why it’s so much fun).
Thanks to all who participated and made this annual and enduring event so much fun.
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SPI: The Case of the Dark Shadow

We read aloud at our house a lot, and yes, we do read children’s books when we want to calm down and stop worry about shared governance and the budget.  We’ve read Little Women and Little Men, Jo’s Boys, Anne of Green Gables (which I read first when I was about 11) and of course, Alice in Wonderland (which my daughters read first when they were about 10).  Does that make me a lifelong tween?  I hope so.

Anyway, I’ve already ordered my copy – have you?  Because we have our very own Teresa Bonham, who yesterday became a published novelist.  

Isn’t the cover cute?  It’s also very up-to-date and cool.  In other words, it’s a lot like Teresa.  Teresa Bonham is a Ventura County native.  Her father, a lawyer at the venerable law firm of Benton, Orr, Duval & Buckingham, has read the book and he likes it.  I hope he remembers to review it on Amazon.  Teresa reports that it is doing very well in its genre category!!  I know some of you have ordered it, so when you do get it and read it, please review it on Amazon – I just know you’re going to like it.


All College Day (aka Mandatory Flex Day)

The Big Five Awards:

Mark Dever Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Full Time Faculty Member:

Christine Mainzer, Professor of Geography

Joe Escobar Award for Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct Faculty Member

Kitty Merrill, Adjunct Professor, Television Production

Teresa Archuleta Award for Excellence in Service by Non-Teaching Academic Staff

Everardo Rivera, Counseling, CARE Co-ordinator

William Simpson Award for Excellence in Service to Oxnard College

Dr. Carolyn Inouye, Dean of Math, Science, Health, P.E. & Athletics

John Milton Award for Excellence in Service by a Classified Employee

Dr. Bola King-Rushing, Information Technology

The day was filled with many activities, including a drawing for prizes sponsored by the Ventura County Schools Federal Credit Union, so special thanks are owed to Su-lin Rubalcava, as well as to our own Connie Owens (Oxnard College Foundation) for arranging prizes for our Flex Days.

The annual slow pitch softball game took place as scheduled on our baseball diamond.  It was quite an event.  First, we had the national anthem, sung by Amy Edwards:

Amy Fara Edwards sings our national anthem.

Amy is also our hard-working AS Secretary, our only full time Communications professor and the tireless organizer of our Speech Tournaments.

The game is traditionally played between Faculty and Staff.  This marks the third year in which Faculty have won.  To make things more even, I might play next year.  Here are the two teams, after the 12-2 final score:

Staff in blue, Faculty in green.

Those T-shirts were provided by the Ventura County Schools Federal Credit Union, too, so thanks again.  Here’s the winning team, feeling exuberant:

The Green Team celebrates.

These games just would not be the same without an announcer and color commentary.  Both are ably provided by the Chairman of our Board of Trustees, Steve Blum.  It is difficult to say whether his color commentary is edgy or folksy or somewhere in between, but not only does he explain what’s happening to people who don’t understand softball, he makes everyone laugh.  And wince.  Here he is, with the winner of the Softball $50 gift certificate (the Credit Union, again), which was won by Larry Kennedy (Adjunct Business Professor):

Larry with his gift card, and Steve carefully displaying neutral colors.

Needless to say, the whole day took a lot of organizing, and here’s a special shout-out to Dean Carmen Guerrero, PDC Co-Chair and outgoing AS President Robert Cabral, Classified Senate President Karla Banks and OC Foundation’s Connie Owens for going above and beyond the call of duty.  

Please contact me at if you have corrections to this page.


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