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Study Skills

Here are some useful links to online resources regarding Study Skills:

Assess your study skills and make a plan to improve your study skills.

Know your learning style and search for tips for that style.  (This is a short, 24 question test that will tell you your learning style).

Learn some organizational skills to save your semester.

Make good use of to do lists.  Learn to prioritize. Avoid procrastination.  Reward yourself with something fun, when you’ve got things done. Become an adult learner.

Become creative in keeping a calendar.  Make your calendar something you want to look at it.  Use an online calendar if you like – but keep a calendar!

For college level writing, the CSU-Channel Islands Student Writing Guide is great.  It has suggestions for papers in everything from Art to Biology to…most anything else you’d study.  

For help with pre-college and college level math, you can’t beat the free online courses at the Kahn Academy.  You can sign in with facebook or create an account, but do check it out.  Video lectures on most math topics you might be seeking.  Other quizzes and help, too.


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