Registration Priorities – AP 5055

When registration priorities were last discussed, Oxnard College was in the midst of the program discontinuance/budget crisis of 2011.  We didn’t spend a lot of time on this document.

In the meantime, the State of California has passed a new bill of its own, signed into law, the intent of which is to address some of the same issues (students with too many units drop in priority).

However, several things about AP 5055 need to be discussed.  There are three places on our Campus that should be having conversation about this policy:



Student Success.

In investigating how other districts and colleges handle registration priorities, I’ve learned a lot.  One issue that is of concern to an increasing number of districts and colleges is that local students receive priority registration, so that classes do not fill up with students from other areas.  Why is this important?

First, in our county, we are actually operated by law as an entity created by the citizens of Ventura County who, by Measure S, are supporting our wonderful campus improvements.  They are paying that Bond back.  They, and their children, deserve education.  As more and more colleges become impacted, and classes close early, giving some priority to students within certain zipcodes is a good alternative.

As Oxnard College’s FTES/workload cap is reduced, so that we can only serve a fraction of the students we used to, we need to accept and understand that our students do indeed go to Ventura and sometimes, Moorpark, and we should try and make sure that they get their classes at those two places as well.  Our students need to be able to get classes, that’s the bottom line.

So, I’ll be running around with copies of  AP 5055 and suggesting a couple of changes:

a zip code priority (to be combined with the unit priority)


moving high school students in our zip codes into a higher priority.


The current policy places high school students last (we have an exemption, apparently, for our middle college – which may be enough; but I think we should discuss it).


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