August 27, 2012 Meeting of the Academic Senate

Oxnard College Academic Senate- Meeting Agenda –Monday, August 27, 2012 – 2:30 p.m. LLRC-101

I.      Call to Order/Changes to Agenda

II.  Public Comment/Announcements

III.  State of the Senate        

            -Budget; PEPC & PBC process;

            -SB1440, C-ID’s

            -Board goals and objectives

            -Accreditation issues, District PGM

            -Minutes for meetings; Communication

IV.  Seating of New Senators (if needed, action)

IV.   Ongoing/Old Business

            -Committee Representation

                        (PBC, PEPC, DCAA)(action)

-Proposed Changes to Participatory

              Governance Manual (action)

–   Response to Accreditation (Letter

               written by DCAP) – draft for

               comment  (see attachment)(action)

–   Budget AP’s and BP’s (see


V.          New Business  (none at this time)

VI.           Treasurer’s Report

  1. VII.         Approval of the Minutes
  2. VIII.       For the good of the order

                 -Committee Reports

  1. IX.           Self-Appraisal
  2. X.             Adjournment

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