Welcome back – Get ready for our first Senate Meeting – August 27th

I’m doing my best to keep an up to date calendar on this blog page (see the Calendar link way up at the top right of the page).

We have our first Senate meeting on August 27, at 2:30 pm, at the LLRC-101 – our beautiful new library’s Orientation Room.  Diva Ward and Tom Stough have been gracious enough to allow us to schedule our Senate meetings in their room, near the entrance.

Tom Stough is offering a tour of the new library facility at 2:15, right before that first Senate meeting.

There will be snacks!

The agenda isn’t set yet, but here is a running list of issues that we must agendize, prioritize and, perhaps, act upon:

General Announcements

State of the Senate Address

New Business:  Items regarding policy and procedure coming from the Board of Trustees

Changes to PGM (some minor, some of moderate importance)

Old/Ongoing Business:

Committee Representation needed:

We need to seat 9 faculty for PBC; we need 2 at large members for PEPC; we need two at large faculty for a district committee (new committee, DCAA – District Council on Academic Affairs); Confirm Diane Eberhardy as co-chair of CUDS; Confirm Robert Cabral as co-chair of PDC; 


Amendments to the By-laws

I will be updating this page with details about the Budget as I learn them by adding posts with the clever tag “Budget.”


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